4/15 - ARF offerings continue from CR Aircraft with CF bagged
Turbos, Renegades and Contenders next on the list. Look for
CF Turbo ARFs to be offered May 1st. More good things to
come from CR Aircraft.

1/13 - I've been integrating the latest technology from the
DLGs into the Climmax Pro to offer an ARF version, the
Climmax Elite. The Elite includes Blue Foam bagged wing
halves in two configurations 1) glassed wing with double CF
rod spar, CF Disser and CF leading edge and 2) glassed wing
with double CF rod spar, CF Disser and full CF D-Box. Along
with the wing is the double fiberglass/kevlar reinforced
fuselage and precut balsa tailfeathers. This is just the
beginning of CF bagged ARFs from CR Aircraft.

10/10 - The first annual CR Aircraft Fest was held today at
Dave's Beach in Carlsbad, California. Turbos, Blazers, Fun-1s,
Climmaxs, Renegades, Contenders and even Raiders were out
showing there stuff for all who came out to enjoy the day and
pick up CR Aircraft shirts and kits. Be sure not to miss next
year's event.

Upcoming releases now include The DS-1, an ARF CF bagged
version of  the Blazer/Fun-1.

9/1 - Climmax and Climmax Pro are now available. Upcoming
releases now include The Savaron and The Contestant.

8/14 - Fun1 & Blazer kits are now offered as full kits with build
option for either triangular stock or sheeted foam ailerons.

8/1 - August is Turbo Month, I've stocked up on original
fiberglass/kevlar fuses & canopies, Blue foam and White foam
wing cores, wingeron hardware and original plans with
original build instructions. Just specify Blue Foam (for bagged
wings) or White Foam (for sheeted wings) wing cores when
ordering your Turbo FG Short Kit.