About CR Aircraft
CR Aircraft was developed by Charlie Richardson
in North County Coastal San Diego during the
80s. Charlie created a line of High Performance
Sailplanes that remain popular to this day. His
stylish tapers and unique lines combined with his
line of Wingeron and Full Span Aileron designs
set his Sailplanes apart from all the rest.

Charlie sold CR Aircraft in the late 90s and we
have recently acquired and reintroduced this
popular line of Sailplanes. All of the original
plans, molds, wing templates, etc.. are back in
production and working to make these beautiful
kits available once again.

In addition, we will be releasing new and updated
versions of these Sailplanes, taking advantage of
some of the newer available technologies.

These are exciting times at CR Aircraft and we
look forward to supplying all of your High
Performance Sailplane needs.